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  • I want????

    • Sheldon

      The 12s are best Js out
      I need em ?

  • Cynthia Licon Arellano

    size 6y Womens or 4.5 men’s

  • Mariah

    Really really want these

  • Freddie Garcia

    I’ve been wanting 12 for so long. I just don’t have the money . I really really want them

  • Keyveon

    I will win

  • Stevie Emmert

    I really want a pair of Jordan’s I’ve not had a pir before and the are by far my favorite ones I’ve seen.

  • Joseph basey

    I really want these shoes so bad but I can’t afford them

  • Seann

    Size 12

  • Lucas matta

    Size 9.5 please the Jordan 12 is my favourite

  • Zach

    Hope I win

    • Luis gonzalez

      9 pleaseee

  • Xavier

    9.5 plz

  • John

    Size 8.5 or 9

  • Jesus miranda

    Hope I win my shoe game is not look to good rn

  • Osterman hernandez

    Pick me

  • Ive never owned a pair of jordans and it must be pretty nice to have some of these on my feet

  • Jay jewell

    10.5 they are the best jordans

  • Luis

    Size 9 men (hope i win)

  • Francisco sanchez

    Die heart Jordan fan love the 12s grew up wearing jordans , black is my favorite color so I think these would look nice plus they always sell out to fast because I wear a size 12 so its hard for me to keep up with getting them.

  • Eze

    10 plz

  • Elijah Rodriguez

    9 plz ??

  • Omar castro

    Size 9.5 please!!

  • Ray Holman

    Wasn’t planning on buying them but would be a bad idea to own them…..

  • Christion Smith

    Size 9 men’s

  • Delaney

    10 plzzz???

  • Delaney

    Size 10 plzzzz

  • Jlun Jackson

    Man them fire I hope I win & Good luck to everyone else

  • Them fire I hope I win & good luck to everyone else’s who entered

  • Austin nichols

    Size 11 please

  • Size 11 please please

  • Yasmine welch

    Size 5 ??

    • Delaney

      Size 10 did everything

  • Connor

    Size 9.5 done absolutely every qualification

  • Connor

    Size 9.5 done absolutely everything

  • Kevin

    I want one size 9’5 are ‘9